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Balance analytique ABS 80-4N


Permissible ambient temperature + 10 … + 30 ° C, external power supply 230V.
Indicator of light flow commitment on the display.
Counting function with references to 10, 20, 50, 100 pieces.
Percentage determination: indicates the percentage deviation from the reference weight (100%).
Bidirectional output RS232C for PC or printer.
Sturdy metal chassis.
Dimensions WxDxH: 210x340x325 mm; of lxpxh weighing space: 174x162x227 mm
Weight: about 6 Kg.
Liquid crystal display with character height = 14 mm

Optional accessories:
– Serial matrix printer, 40 columns, width of the paper tape 55 mm.
– DKD certificate for calibration weight
– DKD certificate of the scale
– Calibration weight

g max capacity.82

Resolution (mg)0,1

Reproducibility g.0,2

Linearity (mg)± 0,3

Weight min. piece (mg)10

Pan (mm)Ø 91

1.570,00€ + shipping fees

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